Want Growth?

Large or small, established or start-up, most companies want more growth. Many CEOs call for innovation because it holds the promise of growth. It also causes some managers to roll their eyes.

Innovation has come to represent everything and nothing at the same time. Around the world executives ask us: should we ‘disrupt our business’, ‘open a lab’, ‘think like designers’, ‘work with start-ups’ or ‘hold a hackathon’?

While busy executives appreciate succinct answers, we invariably respond ‘it depends’; then discuss the five critical areas - covered in this Masterclass - that resolve their innovation riddle and lead to concrete growth actions.


Ian and Keith have over 50 years of research and hands-on strategic innovation experience with over 50 companies. They have conducted executive Masterclasses in Ireland, the EU, US and Asia.


Open: Limited to 10 non-competing companies on June 7th 9-5 @ Marker Hotel, Dublin 2. Cost: €675 for one, €575 per additional person.

Closed: For bespoke to your company contact ian@advancedorganisation.com or +353 1 66 88 684.

Booking Form

Amount €675

Masterclass Date

Thursday June 7th 2018 9am - 5pm


€675 for one, €575 per additional person.

Booking Deadline

Strategic Innovation May 17th, 2018


We want to maximise relevance and allow cross-company and sector learning. In advance, we’ll capture your specific growth challenges. This will shape the final content. We will also share key readings and short videos on the main concepts


Cancellation in writing. No fee three weeks ahead, 50% up to one week, no refund thereafter. AO reserves the right to cancel in writing up to three weeks prior to the start with a full refund.

Further Information

Please contact Ian +353 1 66 88 684 / +353 87 906 7720 ian@advancedorganisation.com