Evy Sakellario

DR. Evy Sakellario

Evy is an innovation-marketing expert. She has combined consulting and executive training with top multinational and non-profit organisations with University teaching and research. Previously, she had a senior marketing and innovation business career at Unilever UK, and Unilever Greece-Cyprus.

Evy is masterful in eliciting new customer insights and translating them into breakthrough concepts and customer-centric innovation strategies. Her focus is helping CMOs/Marketing managers to gain new perspectives, to uncover breakthrough customer insights and to develop competitive marketing and innovation strategies by integrating advanced theory with business practice.

Evy is senior lecturer at Kingston University and associate faculty of design, media and management at Buckinghamshire University. She has done extensive work with the Innovation Centres in London, Amsterdam, Brussels and Milan.

She holds a DBA from the University of Surrey, UK and an MBA from Loyola University of Chicago, USA.