Ian Kierans

DR. Ian Kierans

Ian is a strategist, innovator and organisation psychologist. Ian believes novel insights, diverse teams, and tailored tools deliver business breakthroughs and sustainable growth. His methods have led to new growth for companies in Financial Services, FMCG, Healthcare and Agriculture industries.

From start-ups, to scaling to turnarounds, Ian has designed and delivered programmes that get the desired change up off the page and adopted by the customers and employees. Ian balances the technical—financial, technology, process and human—personal, creative and emotional aspects of organisations to get results.

Prior to co-founding Advanced Organisation, Ian worked with Accenture USA and Diamond Technology Partners, where he consulted with Fortune 500s to shape strategies for a digital era. Recently in Silicon Valley, Ian researched how established companies build the competitive capability to continually grow through innovation.

An award winning assistant Professor at Trinity College Dublin and Mannheim University, Ian teaches executives the state-of-the-art on strategy, innovation and change in a practical way. He holds a MA (Org. Pyshc.) from University College Dublin, a MBA from Trinity College Dublin and a PhD from Cranfield University.